4-H Challenge Shoot continues tradition

LUSK – The annual Niobrara County 4-H Challenge shoot was held on Sunday, Nov. 1. Participants competed in the competition in mens’, womens’, kids’ and family divisions individually and on teams.

Organizer and shooting sports 4-H leader Kenny Jensen expressed a huge thank you to the sponsors, volunteers and participants. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the shooting sports program and the community support means more resources for kids who are in the shooting sports program.

The champion women’s team was Traci Ann Zerbe, Mari Chapman, Amy Applegarth and Jessica Yeager. Champion boy’s team was Aiden Applegarth, Kort Bannan, Collin Taylor and Cody Taylor. Winners of the youth mixed were Miranda Smith, Conner Taylor, Wyatt Strauch and Kort Bannan. Champion family team was Brad Jones, Jason Taylor, Cody Taylor and Collin Taylor. The high-point men’s team was Pat Maez, Dax Dockery, Joshua Gulley and Kenny Jensen. Cody Yeager and Collin Taylor were in a shoot-off for the dollar shoot with Taylor beating Yeager by only one point for the prize.

The program continues to look for future opportunities for fundraising and plans are in the works for a large outdoor event in May 2021.


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