4-H Council kicks off with Mustard Seed Dinner

The 4-H Council held a Mustard Seed Dinner last Wednesday, November 8 at St. George’s Episcopal Church as a kick off to another year. The Council, which is comprised of parent representatives from each of the various 4-H chapters throughout the county, raises money at the dinner to be spent on the kids throughout the year including awards given to the kids on Achievement Day and the annual Showcase Showdown held in June in Laramie among other areas. In total, there are roughly eight members of the 4-H Council, each of them lined up to serve nachos to those who participated in the dinner; Carrie Bannan is the Council President, “We have two fundraisers throughout the year, Halloween and this. [It’s] super, super nice they’ve let us be able to do this” she states. On hand to help with the set-up of the dinner were participating 4-H kids that were at the church following school to set and decorate tables and assist with other preparations. To raise awareness for 4-H, the dinner boasted a slideshow highlighting activities in the last year up to last month’s Halloween Carnival. 4-H participants also each took a window from a business downtown and decorated it, “Each club got one” states Bannan. Concluding the dinner, Achievement day was held on Sunday at which point the clubs will prepare to wipe the slate clean and start another year. In addition to the start of another year, the Showcase Showdown will be a top event to prepare for as well. Per Kellie Chichester, the Showcase Showdown will occur in June and is the state contest for produce judging, horse judging, cake decorating, table setting, livestock skill-athon, presentation contest, and more. The event will take place in Laramie and is covered for any 4-H member that attends by money raised by the 4-H Council. 


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