4th Grade Celebrating Arbor Day

The tree tags that will be filled out and placed on trees located on Main Street Lusk.

The 4th grade classes are working on an Arbor Day project learning about “The Value of Trees”. Students are studying the environmental benefits of trees. After some classroom work, students will be measuring the trees along Downtown Main St., calculating the diameter of their assigned tree and recording some observations. Students then work with the computer program, the National Tree Benefit Calculator, to determine a dollar value of environmental benefits of that tree, based on the species and size. Students discover: how many gallons of storm water a tree will intercept, how many pounds of carbon dioxide it will remove from the air, how many kilowatt hours of electricity is saved and how many dollars in property value a tree can add. This information, about each tree, will be displayed on a tag the students will hang on the tree and present their findings to the “ROCS” group on Arbor Day, Friday April 26th. The tags will hang on the trees for about 10 days for public viewing. Students completed this project with the Niobrara Conservation District.


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