Another reason to celebrate

LUSK – The handwashing song, Baby Bumblebee and additional assorted songs were presented by the Lusk Early Childhood Headstart and Discovery Preschool students as part of their end-of-year celebration on May 25.

Twenty students ages three and four celebrated many things including their personal growth as people, the successes of the school and a major achievement in today’s world, remaining open for in-person classes all year with no closures, COVID related or otherwise.

The effort it takes today for a head start center to be open for in-person classes is significant. It included significant amounts of time for disinfecting and sanitation by a new position, the “Sanitation Tech” shared by several staff members as well as the necessity of keeping a closed campus for most of the year where parents and visitors were unable to come into the building. 

However, speaking with center coordinator Martha Bridge, no matter how hard or how different it was for staff, it was worth it all for the kids. 

After last year’s students struggled with closure and never going back, it was worth it to see the smiling faces of the students as they performed for their parents, friends and family. Even those who might not see the greater accomplishment, the almost normal functioning of the preschool in a world still in the throes of a pandemic, it was a day of joy and fun.

The center also honored valued community partners including Niobrara Electric Association and Clark and Associates. Both business partners have contributed significantly to the success of the preschool in the last two years. There were tears as the amount of support these two businesses have given the program were discussed.

Finally, a picnic lunch was enjoyed by all in attendance as everyone found a reason to smile and celebrate. In a world where there has been precious little gathering, celebrating and smiling for the last 18 months, it was a day to remember.



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