Around Our Town, April 8, 2020

Today’s Obscure Holiday:
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Today is a great day to simply draw a picture of a bird in tribute to our feathered friends.

Niobrara United – A website has been created,, to coordinate community needs with community volunteers. The website is very simple, it has two buttons: 1 – I have a need, and 2 – I’d like to help. You just click on one of the links and fill out a form. You will be matched up with help; or to give help. This website is not in any way connected with Public Health, DFS, Emergency Management, the Senior Center or any other government funded/operated entity.
Birthday Club
April 10
Walt Wasserburger
April 11
Kurt Lancaster, Rob Lancaster, Jan Hytrek, Lola ZumBrunnen
April 12
Ken Keenan, Ed Cook
April 13
Nellie Kratzer, Yvonne Reed
April 14
Jamie Phipps, Arlie Nelson, Krista Gulley
April 15
Barb Joss
(If you would like to give a Birthday shout-out, or let everyone know what’s happening, send your info to [email protected] or call at (307)-334-2867)


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