Behind Enemy Lines Eclipse

As the summer begins to wind down (according to school schedules), don’t take those air conditioners out just yet- August and September are sure to be hot. 

NCHS has started two-a-day football (Aug 9) and volleyball (Aug 14) practices, and while the Tigers expect to improve on last years’ 1-7 record, the Lady Tigers are loaded with talent and experience and looking to make the state tournament for the first time in a dozen years. Coach Murray’s golf teams have also begun. Fall sports previews will be coming later this month.

It has been another high-speed summer and the 2017 eclipse weekend is here, and while many are fretting the reality of different people from different places visiting Niobrara County- I can’t wait. I’m expecting close to two dozen friends in and around my home. They are coming from Washington, California, Montana, South Dakota and evil Colorado to experience this phenomenon. They are some of my best friends in the world, and am excited to show the newcomers the area. 

With such a heavy influx of people expected, the list of concerns makes sense. Lock your valuables up/ be alert- although I’m pretty sure no one is coming to Lusk to steal a lawnmower. If they wander onto your property ask them to leave before shooting them. Offer help and directions if they get lost-Google maps hates these wide open spaces. Inform them about the fire danger and disposing of cigarette butts properly. They are not coming to burn the prairies down or cause problems, they all just want a view of this in our wonderful Wyoming skies.

I’ve seen and heard so many negative comments about this once-in-a-lifetime event. One guy said he’d sit in his front yard with a shotgun, some lady mentioned ISIS being a concern. Another had heard that all residents should be armed. Are you serious?? Is this really the image we want to project? Sometimes it’s very hard to not laugh in someone’s face.

I hope they are the few and not a majority. We handle thousands of tourists from around the world every summer, and so many bikers headed to Sturgis love our little town. Why can’t we be open-minded, cautious, welcoming, informative and non-judgemental all in the same whirlwind that-READY OR NOT- is happening. It’s too late to opt out now- science is real.

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