Bid selected for gravel work; commissioners also discuss snow removal around the county

LUSK – Josh from Benchmark came with the sealed, dated bids for the gravel. There were four bids and the first one was Timerline Services, Inc. for $272,970.80. The next bid was from Pine Bluffs Gravel and Excavating for a bid of $249,688.92. The third bid was from Rocky Mountain Sand and Gravel, LLC for $364,270.00 and the last bid was from Ramshorn Construction for a total of $502,460.00 for base A, and $ 495,263.00 for base B. Josh then went to figure out the totals and make sure they were accurate and then typed a recommendation of award based on his findings. The low bid was Pine Bluffs Gravel and Excavating. The recommendation was voted and approved.

There was an accident on Kirtley Road with a blade running into a pickup that was abandoned because of the snow. The county equipment was not damaged. The pickup sustained damage but was still drive-able. The owner called dispatch to let them know the pickup was in the middle of the road and warning them. The owner will have to file a claim with the proper insurance and the county will wait to see what needs done.

The Road and Bridge department reports that through the latest storm, everyone has been helpful and the property owners very thankful. They have hired one more worker which has made a difference in how much they can get done and how quickly it happens.

A discussion was held on the snow removal and what a great job Mike Mayfield has been doing. It has been a rough week and he has done an exceptional job. He is storing his equipment in the west garage which will make it easier to access when needed.

The vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department will be ready soon and then they will have to have new decals put on. There was discussion whether it should be done in Wheatland where the vehicles are presently or bring them to town and get them done here. 

The first half of the payment to the Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund has been received in the amount of $201,314.74.

There were questions concerning the tax on the water and hydrogen taken from the Pronghorn Clean Hydrogen Center. Since oil, gas and other natural resources are taxed, the water and hydrogen should be also. It will be looked into right away.

There have not been any formal bids for the updating of the Public Health Building. Commissioners Griffith will be getting in touch with Holmes Excavation to see if he would be interested. There was one interested party but they couldn’t start until March.

The grant for $5,000.00 was approved to work with Homeland Security to update parts of the courthouse. There is a possibility of receiving more money via another grant if needed.

A 24 hour catering permit was ratified for the Lusk Liquor Store for the NCSD Retention Program. 

The Sheriff’s Department was approved to extend vacation days to this summer as a grace period since staff are working overtime and are not able to take scheduled vacation days at this time. 

The county tour conference call was held. There will be approximately 12 visitors for three days spending time in different counties learning what the strong points and natural resources of the county are. The Niobrara County timeline is unknown at this time and further information is needed to decide how best to showcase the county.

A call was made to Lisa Shaw concerning her help in keeping the county informed and up to date with the BLM regulation updates. Shaw’s help has been integral to understanding the process and regulations better.  She was thanked from the Commissioners for her help and understanding.

The Consent Agenda was moved and seconded and approved. 

The Commissioners thanked everyone for showing interest and showing up for the meetings and wished all a Merry Christmas.