Bloomers holds Christmas open house

The season for open houses has kicked off and Bloomers is one of the first having held theirs last week on Thursday, November 16, 2017. With the shopped dressed to the nines in Christmas décor, the kick-off began at 10am and lasted through seven with a dinner being served at five. There was something for everyone, but many were surprised that year’s must-have decorative item was Christmas gnomes; the hot commodity has been re-ordered and there will be plenty more in time for Christmas. “We have a very unusual assortment of holiday gifts; we try to find things that are off the beaten path” states Twila Barnette, half of the dynamic Bloomers duo. Carrie Bannan, the other half, added, “We always try to find very unique stuff, we never try to buy things you can buy anywhere else”. While the Christmas gnomes were the highlight of the event and having sold out with the morning crowd, the Christmas Moose took a shot at the cash register for the evening. In addition to the shop items, Bloomers ordered in the furniture trailer which set up shop in the alley behind the store. Boasting a unique selection of refurbished furniture items, many of the pieces were sold by the nights end.

Over three hundred Niobrara County—and surrounding—locals stepped out to join in on the open house, that number including those who participated in the annual Muffin Chuckin’. Amply named, Muffin Chuckin’  is pretty self-explanatory; whoever throws the muffin the furthest distance down the alley wins a prize. Three age groups were created for the game and only a few muffins were lost to roof tops. 

If you missed this Bloomers open house, be sure to mark your calendar for Black Friday and ‘Bargain’s with the Boys’ where Andy and Chad take over the store one night in December. “People are phenomenal in shopping at home” comments Bannan on the nights events and future holiday events; “Our community is awesome about supporting home businesses” adds Barnette. 

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