Booster club serves up spaghetti and support

Tiger Booster volunteers (L-R), Jody Copsey, Tabitha Nelson, Sheila Youngquist, Kinsey Hendricks and Amber Smith served up smiles and spaghetti at the Booster Club sponsored Mustard Seed Dinner.

Tiger Boosters host May Mustard Seed

LUSK - The Tiger Booster club parents were all smiles at Wednesday’s Mustard Seed dinner at St. George’s Episcopal Church. The boosters hosted May’s dinner serving up healthy helpings of spaghetti and salad. They had a photo booth set up for entertainment and laughed and joked as they served attendees.

The booster club is a group of volunteers, mostly parents who support high school athletics and activities. They sponsor post-prom and raise funds all year for this event. They also provide refreshments and decorations during testing weeks and activity weeks. They often serve meals prior to games during football and basketball season. If lockers are decorated or items donated to student organization it is often the booster club that has made it happen.

The funds raised at the Mustard Seed will go towards future activities for the 2023-24 school year. Anyone interested in helping with booster club can contact the school district for more information.