Cattlewomen kick-off Mustard Seed Dinner season

Dinners enjoyed Sloppy Joes and cow sugar cookies at the Mustard Seed Dinner. Courtesy photo

LUSK - Beef, it’s what’s for dinner has been a resounding marketing line for over twenty years. The Niobrara County Cattle Women continue to promote this and so much more about the beef industry. The Cattle Women hosted the October Mustard Seed Dinner serving Sloppy Joes and chips. They had custom decorated sugar cookies that also promoted the beef industry. Also available for sale were their brand books and napkin sets. The beef was generously donated by the Wasserburger family and Bootheel 7 Livestock.
As attendees were seated they had the opportunity to take a beef knowledge quiz and turn the quiz in to entered into a drawing for a gift basket. The winners of this drawing and a random participation drawing were announced the following week. The proceeds from the dinner go to support locally awarded scholarships.
The Mustard Seed Dinners are a long-standing program in Lusk. They are sponsored by the Episcopal Church and were originally funded by the Wyoming Archdiocese. The Episcopal church in Lusk has worked hard to support community organizations through this fundraising program which relies solely on donations. Organizations provide food and a form of entertainment or information and in return receive 100% of the donations that the community chooses to gift. Mustard Seed dinners are held the second Wednesday of the month at the church.



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