Change brings growth and a look at our history

Local newspapers have always been one of the most important sources of information. They reported on and preserved the history of towns and counties through boom and bust, weddings, funerals, deaths and depressions. When a new town was established out west their status wasn’t really cemented until a newsman showed up with his press and set up shop in a tent or store front.

The Lusk Herald is the epitome of this image. Established in 1886 in a tent when Lusk was in its infancy, the Herald is Wyoming’s longest running weekly newspaper. It has changed names, owners and editors, but has remained a constant in the lives of Niobrara County citizens. The Herald has served as a written record of the lives of our residents. It survived the economic bust of the 30’s and the 80’s. The decrease in population of the county from its maximum of an estimated 30,000 at one time to the 2300 we now claim.

With change comes opportunity and that is what we hope to embrace with the Herald as we confront changes once again in 2019. As printing moves to Cheyenne and options open up for us we have made the decision to move back to what is called a “broadsheet” format. This is the original format of the Lusk Herald and one that we believe we are ready to begin printing again. You will notice that the paper is not only a different size, but we are introducing some design changes and adding some new elements. We would love to get some feedback on this. The Herald is, after all, YOUR paper and we want it to, as accurately as possible, reflect Niobrara County.

Thank you for all your support through the years and we look forward to changing and growing with our communities.


Heather Goddard                                          Lindsey McGregor

Editor                                                             Office Manager


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