Commissioners approve major contracts

LUSK - The regular meeting of the County Commissioners May 16 was called to order by Chairman Pat Wade. After the Pledge the first item on the agenda was Fred Thomas from Road and Bridge with his report. He said Cheyenne River road was completely done and they did a really nice job. Crews had some left over gravel and they put it on the Weston County side to help the neighboring county. Thomas also received a report from one of the ranchers that there had been two pickups riding around the pasture in the mud off road. 

The county had to shut down Walker Creek Road because of the rain and mud and the oil field trucks continued to drive through it and now it's about 3 feet deep and forty feet wide with water and mud. 

Sheriff Starkey said the department received a bid from the architect to fix the problems at the Justice Center. They will be putting in a new top on the roof and several new drain holes. The new drain holes would drain low so they wouldn't freeze at the roof level. The new roof would be a rubber roof that is malleable and would go on top of the existing roof area. The work wouldn't start until this fall as the architects have other projects lined up for the summer.

The budget hearings are in June and the fiscal year starts July.

Sheriff Starkey asked that while they were doing the repairs, he would like the dishwasher and sink moved into the kitchen instead of in the booking area. It would entail moving one or two walls.The department has moved into the temporary location building in the business park but they still need cameras since that area is isolated and needs cameras for safety and security. The department has temporary internet at that location until everyone is back in one building. Then they will decide if they want two lines, one for the Justice Center and another for the Courthouse. Commissioners approved Visionary on a temporary basis at the new location.

Doyle Davies, acting as the County Attorney, looked at the grant for the Public Health and it is a document that cannot be changed but he stated it looked fine. 

The Public Health Building has started to be remodeled. It will be done in sections as Mr. Coon has other projects going on. 

A motion was made to ratify the signing of the commercial lease agreement between Skeeter and Carla Shoults and Niobrara County. The motion was seconded and approved.

Commissioners also approved a contract between Max Masters DBA Geographic Innovations and Niobrara County.

The commissioners agreed to sign the contract with the Wy Department of Health, Public Health Division for County Health Officer. They also approved the contract for Public Health Preparedness and Response Unit. 

Commissioners then approved  participation in Resolution 23-05 Open a WYO CLASS account.

Commissioners agreed to the fee proposal from the architect for the roof replacement and work for the Sheriff’s department.

It was moved to accept the 2023 Assessment Roll. It was seconded and carried.

Amber LaNae Smith was approved as an authorized signer on all treasurer’s accounts.

The agreement with Wyoming Community Gas renewal was approved.

The Commissioners reviewed all candidates for the Commissioners Scholarships and chose Lillian Krueger, Larkin Williams and Evelyn DesEnfants. The Consent Agenda was approved and the meeting was adjourned.