Commissioners’ public health building project on hold for grant

LUSK - The March 21 meeting of the County Commissioners was called to order with Fred Thomas giving the Road and Bridge report. One of the V plows got torn up and was taken to Bolden's for repair. He reminded the commissioners that one of the new plows is a V plow. On another note, the guys were taking a load of pipe north and the truck lost the rear end in the middle of an intersection, so a tow truck was called and they hauled the truck to Deadwood. They headed north to pick it up and had to turn around because of a snow storm in that area. In the next few days they will take another truck to pick up the pipe and deliver it to Belle Fourche and then come back and pick up the truck to haul home.   

Most of the roads are clear and the few that aren't will be left for Mother Nature. They have a few auto gates and fences to repair or replace that were damaged through the plowing this winter. 

Colby Thurston stated that the morale is good in part because we have good equipment to work with. It also helped that the county crew were getting lots of goodies this winter that helped everyone stay in a good mood.

There was discussion concerning signs stating "No Winter Maintenance" for the roads in the county that aren't generally used in the winter. Terry Owens will be moving into the house on Quigley and will have to use the road going north from his home. The south end of the road is generally snowed under for the duration of the winter.

Colby Thurston addressed the commissioners concerning getting the Rural Fire District and EMS combined without breaking up the mil levy. The end result is to have EMS equipment in Lance Creek area instead of waiting for the Lusk Ambulance. This is preliminary and still has to be presented in front of the city council. It was suggested that other counties already including EMS be contacted with ideas and questions.

Old Business: There were a few applications for the Juvenile Services Board and they will have a meeting next week concerning the applicants.

The Public Health remodel is waiting on a PHN grant. Michael Coon is ready to pour cement but can't do anything until we find out about the grant. So, the commissioners are going to call and nudge a bit to see if it can get going. 

Participation in the National Opioid Settlement in the form of grants will be used for training and education.

New Business: Wyoming Dept of Health's distribution of funds could also be used for education and training since there isn't a need in Niobrara County to treat gambling behaviors.

The commissioners reviewed the health insurance renewal form and it was moved and seconded to approve the renewal of the county health insurance. 

LC Land LLC had a petition to cross county roads at North Lance Creek and Slagle Road. It was moved and seconded to approve the petition to cross county roads. 

The Consent Agenda was approved. There was a phone conference at 12:00 with the Congressional Tour for this summer.