Community Bridge Club results

LUSK - The Niobrara Community Benefit Bridge group has finished their 2022-2023 season. Dues collected were donated to the Stagecoach Museum to be used on their projects.

The results are: Monika Davies and Claudia Bartow-18,520; Laurie Wasserburger and Danese Reed-17,120; Lisa Pischel and Teresa Tucker-15,810; Karla VandeBossche and Jackie Bredthauer-13,200; Kathy Coon and Deb Murray-12,960; Teresa Tucker and Rose Kremers-12,680; Anita Troudt and Polly Johnson-12,270; Mary James, Lynnea Fullmer, and Val Wasserburger-11,710; Val Wasserburger and Deb Sturman-10,160;  Anita Troudt and Anne Whitehead-10,770; Polly Johnson and Cindy Starkey-9,320; Becky Diercks and Carla Reed-8,340; Pat Bruch and Linda Frye-8,120.

The group is open to anyone that enjoys the game of bridge. If you would be interested in joining our group or would like to learn how to play bridge, contact Val Wasserburger 340-1278 or Anita Troudt 340-0135.