County fair provides laughs and learning


LUSK - The barns are all cleaned and the exhibits packed up. The echoes of laughter and tears can be sensed if you stand quietly in the show pavilion. Another year of the Niobrara county fair has passed. For four days Niobrara county had fun, worked hard and made memories on the fair grounds.

4-H and FFA kids won’t forget who won the buckles this year and who knows they need to work a little harder next year. Many are resting up for their trip to state fair. Exhibits to take to state fair have been packed by extension staff and too are doing loads of laundry in between packing vehicles and getting paperwork in place.

This year the Niobrara homemakers once again out did themselves in the fair lunchroom serving up home cooked meals and pie every day to hunger fair attendees and visitors. The corn hole tournament was well attended and the money raised for the fair grounds foundation will go towards another round of improvement projects.

Kids four to 44 had a great time at the ag olympics on Friday night. In a world where prices continue to rise and not much is free Niobrara county stands out for the amazing free breakfasts and free dinners that run for the community all week.

This week the Lusk Herald will run the 4-H results in our post fair edition. Next week will run FFA and Open class results.