Court News; April 24, 2019

The court docket for Judge Randall Arp on April 16, 2019, in the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District of and for Niobrara County. Appearing before the court was Kade Clark and Dimitri Richards for a plea agreement on the original 56 charges each of Game and Fish violations. The defendants and the State of Wyoming prosecuting attorney reached a plea agreement. The agreement is as follows; in exchange for a guilty plea on twelve misdemeanor charges and agreement to cooperate with the state, two years jail term with all but 90 days suspended which must be served within one year of their eighteenth birthdays. Each individual received $60,000 dollars in fines all suspended. Ten year of probation; one year supervised under the condition that one year is successfully completed and nine years remain unsupervised, but the conditions will remain the same and include no possession of illegal drugs or alcohol, not to frequent establishments that only serve alcohol, not to be around anyone who possesses drugs or alcohol or firearms and will be subject to random blood, breath, and urine testing for the ten year probation period. Each will be unable to possess or purchase any type of hunting, trapping, or fishing license, as well as will be unable to possess any firearms, archery equipment or ammunition for 20 years. Each were assessed $55 in court costs. Richards agreed and was ordered to pay $51,000 in restitution, and Clark agreed and was ordered to pay $45,000 in restitution which will go to the Wyoming game and Fish and is required to be paid in full by the end of the ten year probation period.  


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