Court News; June 26, 2019

The court docket for Judge Meier on June 20, 2019, in the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District of and for Niobrara County were several names. Jennifer A. Sakala appeared for a change of plea. Sakala pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence. She was sentenced to 12 month’s probation with standard conditions and will be subject to random testing. She was fined $750 with $200 suspended, 90-day jail term with credit for one day, 89 days suspended. $555 in other fines/court costs, and she will be required to have an intoxalock device. Sakala will also pay restitution for the other vehicle she hit in the amount of $1,209.38.

Christopher Maxey was picked up on his warrant from Niobrara County. His warrant was for indirect contempt of court (failure to comply with sentencing) from a charge he was found guilty of in 2016. He was sentenced again, to six months of unsupervised probation, 90 days jail term with 7 days credit, and 83 suspended. He is to pay the fines from the original case as ordered, and new fines were assessed in the amount of $750 suspended and $55 court costs.

Cheryl Thompson appeared for a probation revocation. She is accused of failing a breath test several times earlier in June. Per her previous sentencing Thompson is subject to random testing, at this time Thompson denies the allegations, and the matter will be set for hearing on July 18. She was remanded back to the custody of the Niobrara county Sheriff’s office where she will be released with a $500 OR bond and her bond conditions will be the same as her probation condition.

Sara Nicks appeared on the charges of Breach of Peace. She pleaded guilty stating that she had been drinking for most of the day when her and husband got into an argument outside of the Spirits. She was fined $750 fine with $250 suspended, 30 days jail term with four days credit and 26 day suspended. $200 to the crime victim fund, and $55 court costs. She received six months’ probation with alcohol conditions.

Leisa Reese appeared for the charge of Driving while License suspended. Judge Meier dismissed the charge after learning that Reese had not been notified of license suspended and Reese presented documentation of that and also that she had insurance and had her license reinstated.

Jazmine Hicks appeared and pleaded guilty to Compulsory auto insurance. She was fined $545 and sentenced to six months’ probation, 30 days jail term suspended, and $55 court costs.

Adam Telford and Katrina Roberts appeared for a bond reduction on the charges of manufacture or deliver controlled substance, and possession of control substance of a schedule one, two, or three drug. The judge granted a ten percent bond reduction for the pair.



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