Court News; March 27, 2019

Monday, March 19 - There were two names on the court docket for Judge Dennis C. Meier in the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District of and for Niobrara County. Only one name appeared on the court docket for March 21, 2019. Julius R. Not Afraid appeared for a bond hearing on the charges of excess speed 90 in a 70 MPH zone and Driving Under Suspended License second offense. The defendant pled guilty to both charges. He was fined $380 with $200 suspended, six months probation, seven days jail time with three days credit and four days suspended. He is required to obtain a valid drivers license and is to have no violations of Federal, State, or Local laws while on probation.

Wednesday, March 20 – Heath A Thompson was in court for the charges of two counts of battery and one count of unlawful entry into an occupied structure. During jury selection statements were made that led Judge Korell to declare a mistrial and set a new trial date of Monday, March 25, 2019.

Thursday, March 21 - Appearing before Judge Dennis C. Meier was Lany D. Mayfield. Mayfield had originally been charged with Operating motor vehicle while her license was suspended in 2007, where she pled not guilty and requested a public defender. Mayfield never showed up for her trial, so a warrant was issued for her arrest. 12 years later, Mayfield was arrested in Cheyenne, WY on the Failure to Appear warrant, and brought back to Niobrara County. After having no recollection of these charges and have an extensive history of Failure to Appear, as well as admitting she uses meth. Judge Meier waived the $1000.00 fine for Failure to Appear and dismissed the charge. For her original charge Judge Meier imposed a fine of $750.00 plus $40.00 court costs and will allow Mayfield to make monthly payments. He also gave her a seven-day jail sentence with credit for five days, six months unsupervised probation. She has standard conditions and is required to keep the court informed of current address & phone number.

Monday, March 25 - Heath A. Thompson was in court for the charges of two counts of battery, and one count of unlawful entry into occupied structure. A jury of twelve Niobrara county residents was selected on Monday morning, and the trial began shortly after that. The opening statement from Annie Wasserburger, prosecuting attorney, painted a visual scene of jealousy, that led to a surprise attack, leaving one victim bloody and unable to defend himself as he fell in and out of consciousness sustaining significant injury, while another victim barricaded herself in the bathroom and called 911, receiving injuries from Thompson ramming the door over and over trying to gain entry. The defense’s opening statement was short, simply quote from Paul Harvey- he requested that the jury wait to hear “the rest of the story.”

After hearing testimonies from Lusk Police Sergeant Matt Smith, and the two victims, the jury heard the closing statements and they were released to deliberate Monday afternoon. After 30 minutes, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty on all charges. Thompson will remain in the Niobrara County jail, as his bond conditions remain the same, set at $10,000. His sentencing will take place in 90 days.



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