Fair Board works to finalize fair plans and makes progress on improvement projects.

LUSK – The April 1 Niobrara County Fair Board meeting opened at 6 p.m. with an approval of the minutes from the last meeting and a review of the treasurer’s report. Treasurer Erin Smith reported that all checks dating back to 2014 have now been canceled and cleared out of the system and moving forward the outstanding checks list should be significantly smaller. Tax distribution for the month of March was $189.20. Vouchers, quick books reports and account balances as of 3/25/2019 were presented for approval. The board approved the financial reports.

Unfinished business included a report from Extension Educator Kelli Chichester on the success of the Challenge Shoot that was held by the Shooting Sports Program in March. There was a strong turn out and the committee has many great ideas for next year on how to improve on the shoot even more.

Unfinished maintenance projects included the determination that the rug that had been placed over uncured floor leveler was ruined and would need to be replaced at an expense of approximately $50. It was reported that many compliments were received regarding the auditorium remodel and updating from both local and out of town visitors during the Becky Clark Benefit. Ken Keenan attended to update the bid for the flooring portion of the bathroom remodel project. He has worked with Anderson flooring to come up with alternatives to patching the tile. He will present those changes to the commissioners during the April 2 commissioner meeting since that is who will be selecting, approving and funding that project. Shaw Leimser has repaired the thresholds, the broken door to the auditorium and fixed the lock on the shooting sports building. There are additional projects he will continue to work on. Clark Plumbing out of Torrington was able to complete both the new pipe project in the kitchen that was leaking extensively and the drinking fountain in the building. Ron Nelson’s shop class has completed the table cards and chair racks. An inventory was completed on the tables and more will be purchased in the next few months. It is important that these replacement tables have the correct metal frame that keeps them from warping.

Shawn Howe of Howe Electric has completed bids for the projects he reviewed and submitted those in writing to the Fair Board. The board will request bids from NEA and H&H electric by May 1 and then make a decision at their May 6 meeting.

The poultry barn project is on hold pending weather.

County Fair plans are moving forward with all judges except one being confirmed with signed contracts. The stray gathering is confirmed for the Friday night prior to the Saturday Ranch Rodeo. All BBQ Sponsors have been contacted and all but 2 have confirmed. Dr. George Harty has confirmed he is available for health inspections. Chichester has been working on learning the FairEntry program for use during the market animal sale. Fair Book ad sales have been completed and with the exception of a few clubs they do not anticipate any more being turned in. The fair schedule is done. It was decided that there will be only one superintendent and then that individual can assign committee members additional responsibilities as needed. A quilt block contest was decided on and rules will be determined.

The Market Animal Sale Committee will have a meeting in the next two weeks. They are still working on figuring out which EIN to use for the market animal committee. Smith with check with the auditors to see what is recommended. The bylaws of the Market Animal Sale Committee need to be reviewed, compared to the board by laws and then adopted.

The Fair Grounds Business after hours will be held on Thursday, May 23. Long term parking of any type of truck, camper, pickup or trailer is not allowed at the fair grounds except during County Fair and Legend of Rawhide and for participants of said events or other multi-day events held there. If any vehicle is seen to be parked there for more than one night every two or three months the owner will be contacted and if the vehicle is not moved it will be towed at owner’s expense.

Under new business, Denise Smith, Extension Educator reported progress on the Community Enhancement Grant that she has been working with Del Atkinson on. Given the competitive nature for those grant funds and the size of the grant that will be requested it is highly recommended that the Fair Board be physically present at the September 6 meeting of the Business Council in Sheridan. Additionally, the Board or representatives should also attend the SLIB meeting on October 3 in Cheyenne. The fence along the South border of the fair grounds needs repaired after the last big snow storm. The office has requested Honor Camp workers for two weeks this spring and will set that project aside to be completed at that time. A full inventory of all tables, chairs and other equipment and resources will be conducted by Smith and there extension interns. The 4-H Council sponsored tree or shrub in honor of Mr. Baker will, at the family’s request be placed at the Niobrara County Fair Grounds. The Board approved the placement of those shrubs at the Conservation District’s discretion in the planer beneath the fair grounds sign at the North entrance.

Market lamb classification questions regarding speckle faced lambs will be determined following State Fair rules. Smith will procure quotes from TDS for the placement of port-a-potties near the show ring during county fair.

The Board moved into executive session and then adjourned.



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