Firefighters stay busy in hot, dry weather

NIOBRARA COUNTY – Firefighters responded to calls for a fire on the ridge just to the west of Hwy 85 in the Geisinger School Section leased by Jake Reed. Multiple rural units and Lusk units responded along with area ranchers. The fire was in a particularly dangerous location having started at the top of a rocky ridge and then moving east down a hillside that was almost impossible to move down.

As dark set in rain starting falling making it even more dangerous for trucks on the hill. Those units moved off the ridge and joined the other units including the quick attack that had been working the fire from the east and north sides. 

Firefighter efforts combined with the rain helped keep the blaze from spreading and it was successfully contained.

Local city and rural volunteer firemen have been kept busy this summer with lightening strikes and other source fires. While recent rains have helped, above average temperatures throughout the month of July and August have also increased the risk of prairie fires.

Social media is often full of appreciation from area ranchers for the efforts of neighbors and volunteers in keeping their pastures and ranch houses safe. These volunteers spend hours of time staying up to date on required trainings and certifications. They are often called into situations that situations are dangerous based on terrain and isolation alone, without the fire. For more information on volunteering you can contact the Lusk Fire Department or the Niobrara County Rural Fire Department.


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