First annual Fly-in major success

LUSK – Even for the less mechanically-inclined the thrill of a shined up Cessna 140 or a souped up classic Mustang could be seen on the smiles of those who attended the first annual Lusk Municipal Airport Fly-in and Classic Car Show. There is something about classic cars, blue skies and airplanes that evokes an effervescent feeling of joy and nostalgia. The roar of an engine, the glint of chrome and the camaraderie between those who drive the cars and fly the planes seem to embody the best of every era. The attendees of last Saturday’s event must have agreed based on the turnout.

The event started at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast cooked and served by the Niobrara County High School Trap Shoot team and the Fly-in’s organizer Royce Thompson. Enjoying breakfast inside the main hangar gave those eating an unobstructed view of the planes coming in to land and park. By 9 a.m. thirty personal aircraft and a dozen classic cars were on display at the fly-in. Cessna 180 and 185’s, a few 172’s and even a more rare Cessna 140 and a V-tail Bonanza. The tail draggers were parked on the grass. These planes tend to be more for the off-runway landings and some had larger tires to get the prop up even higher during landings and take-offs. A nickname for the 180’s and 185 is the “Alaska State Bird” since it is a preferred aircraft for many bush pilots. The planes with “tricycle gear” or one tire in the front and two in the back tend to be more for use in situations where runways are available. They are often used by doctors and attorneys. 

While they weren’t counting, those serving breakfast figured they had dished up pancakes for well over 100 people. For many there, it was the first time they had ever been that close to that many airplanes and had the opportunity to really look at them. Many were overheard exclaiming how neat the event was and how much they hoped it would be an annual event. It was a great way to spend a Saturday and the organizers do plan to host one next year, hopefully even bigger and better.

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