First Baptist Church hosts Vacation Bible School

LUSK  – Making waves and surfing in Wyoming? That’s what kids ages Kindergarten through fifth grade had fun doing at the free First Baptist church Vacation Bible School that was held August 8-11. 

Thirteen kids and three youth helpers learned bible lessons, crafts, snacks and music at VBS held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. 

The adventures were led by Chuck and Fiona, visitors to Hawaii from Kansas! Chuck was bound and determined to surf, but got a little ahead of himself when it came to the steps at learning, finally realizing that trusting his instructor and taking few lessons would probably result in a better outcome. 

Pastor Caleb Kremers, who was ordained this last summer and is set for installation in September played the role of Chuck bringing levity and fun to some important life lessons. Attendees giggled at Chuck’s antics and attempts at “riding the waves” while his friend Fiona (Krista Gulley) gently, and sometimes not so gently helped the misguided Chuck navigate the waters of faith and trust in God.

Organized and planned by Michelle Kremers with her team of volunteers, the week provided attendees with life lessons, an introduction to the idea that God created each person with a purpose and when they find that purpose they will need Jesus in their lives to fulfill it. 

A memory verse and several songs were learned throughout the week and then performed for parents and church members following a barbecue on Thursday evening. 

First Baptist hopes this is only the first of many VBS weeks and activities to come in the future.

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