First Mustard Seed of season sees record attendance

Seating was at a premium during the recent LEMS Community 4 Kids Mustard Seed Dinner on October 18 at the Episcopal Church in Lusk. Heather Goddard/Lusk Herald

LUSK – In spite of being on an “off Wednesday” the first Mustard Seed dinner of the year saw record attendance and generosity. Hosted by the LEMS Community 4 Kids, the first dinner of the 23-24 year was well attended with a line extending clear across the room and attendees waiting for seating.

The LEMS Community 4 Kids is a volunteer organization consisting of parents, school staff and community members including business leaders. They are focused on building strong relationships between the school district, students and members of the great community. They also work to bring programs to students and staff as well as fundraise for out-of-budget needs that may arise at LEMS or Lance Creek.

Committee members provided walking tacos for the dinner and a slide show presentation on the organization and what it has done so far provided the “entertainment” portion of the evening.

So far the group has helped to bring several guest speakers and hosted a few activities with more in the works.

Volunteers were very happy with the turnout and glad to get their message out to so many people. Anyone interested in working with or serving on the committee is invite to attend their meetings. Contact LEMS at 307-334-2224

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