First Semester Student and Staff of the Month at LEMS


Middle School Student of the Month

Jazmin Ladwig is an outstanding student who is absolutely deserving of receiving the honor of   student of the month. Jaz has an amazing work ethic and drive that will take her very far in life. She is a hard worker, accountable, honest, and consistent. She is very conscientious of her learning as she is excelling in all of her classes including Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Computers. Jazmin is a quiet leader where she leads by example and demonstrates characteristics that will help her succeed in life. She is always willing to help other students in math, and when finished with her work, she asks if there is anything that the teachers need help with. Jazmin is a very kind hearted person. She has a smile that lights up a room. Even when she is having a bad day, she can find time to help someone else and have kind words for them. She is a true joy to have in class.


Elementary Student of the Month: Brittin Bruch

Brittin Bruch has been nominated by both her teacher, Mrs. Johnson and her principal, Mrs. Kasper.

Mrs. Johnson wrote: I would like to nominate Brittin Bruch as student of the quarter. She is a 5th grader who in the past has been very active in Jr. Lighthouse and is currently involved in the leadership group for LEMS. She has given tours of the school to visitors in the building. Brittin is a leader in our classroom. She helps other 5th graders who might be struggling with work and stands up for what she believes in. Brittin is a member of 4-H in Niobrara County and has excelled in that department as well. She is an excellent student and always gives her best effort in everything she does. Brittin is polite and respectful to adults. She is a hard-working individual who takes pride in her work whether it be in school or out of school. For these reasons, I am nominating Brittin Bruch as student of the quarter.


Mrs. Kasper added: Brittin stands up for other students who are being picked on and constantly finds friends sitting alone in the lunchroom and joins them or invites them to her table. She is a positive student leader who excels both academically and socially. Brittin is very deserving of this award.


Middle School Student of the Month: Sierra Eaton

Sierra Eaton was nominated by the middle school teachers and staff and Mrs. Kasper as our November student of the month.

Her teachers wrote: Sierra is a pleasure to have in class. She has a laid back attitude that works well with others. She works very hard in the classroom and her grades reflect her work ethic. She is always willing to help other students when they are struggling on a problem or a concept. She goes beyond what is asked of her many times as a student. Sierra also has a very kind heart, is very genuine, and treats her peers with much understanding and empathy. She is very thoughtful and is a positive influence on her classmates. She is always attentive, and most of all, she is fun.

Mrs. Kasper added: Sierra is one of the most caring and friendly young woman she knows.She always has a smile on her face. She is an advocate for her friends and classmates and is the perfect choice for our middle level student of the month!

Staff of the 1st Quarter (nominated by both Lu and Phil): The Mental Health Team of Jessica Adams, Heather Heth, Anna Skeen and Peggy Whiteman

Since the beginning of the school year our counselors and school psychologist have been inundated with issues that, spread over the school year, would be considered a lot to deal with. They’ve worked with kids who’ve been abused, neglected, and/or suffered trauma that hasn’t been dealt with; they’ve addressed young people talking about suicide and many other concerning mental health issues; and they do their day-to-day jobs of guidance, teaching social skills, working on testing and special education paperwork. They also all have caseloads of students who need the support. They have been instrumental in supporting their principals with their expertise for student advisement, response to intervention and building leadership. This has all been accomplished in less than 3 months!


Anna and Peggy get referrals daily and already have full caseloads. Heather tests all students in special education and also sees students. Jessica, who only works 2 days a week, is bouncing back and forth between LEMS and the high school seeing students and helping with issues that come up. All four women are amazing at what they do; they are great with kids, parents and staff; they understand the importance of confidentiality; they work with DFS and law enforcement when needed. Truly, we can’t say enough about what they do for our kids, our schools and for us.

We are very proud to present this very special team of professionals as our Staff of the 1st Quarter!


Lusk Middle School Student of the Month : Kort Bannan

Kort, the son of Carrie and Chad Bannon, is a 7th grader at LEMS. He is always pleasant student and has a fun sense of humor (which his teachers quite enjoy). He is an excellent student that is very conscientious and works very hard in class. Kort has such a positive presence in the classroom. He is very observant and knows just when you need a pick-me-up. He also has an amazing work ethic in the classroom, athletics, Lego Robotics and 4-H. He has such a different way of thinking about concepts that everyone in the room benefits from his contributions, including his teachers! Kort is very kind to his classmates. He is very artistic and his memory of all things is impressive! Last year during the quiz bowl Kort was one of the greatest contributors to the team's success. To say we enjoy having Kort in class would be an understatement. He is a joy to be around and we know he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do in life.

Lusk Elementary School Student of the Month November: Andre Broberg

Andre Broberg, son of Samantha Broberg and Jeff Broberg, is a Kindergarten student in Mrs. Zerbe's classroom. He is a quiet leader in the classroom, helpful and kind to others, and a diligent learner. His sense of humor puts others at ease and makes him fun to be around. He is responsible and caring, often volunteering to do extra jobs in the classroom, run errands, or help another student. He is reading far beyond his grade level and is eager to work hard to improve. Andre has earned a spot on LEMS "Tiger Boards" several times by exhibiting Kindness, Responsibility, and Respect.


Lusk Middle School Student of the Month

Kyra Willey

Kyra, the daughter of Sarah and Chad Willey, is a 6th grader at LEMS. She has done a nice job transitioning to the middle school. She is very reliable, dependable, and does a lot of things without being asked. She always greets people with a smile. Kyra is such a hard worker and gets right to work in class. While she is very quiet, she is always willing to contribute to discussions. We appreciate her perspective and feel her classmates benefit from her way of thinking and analyzing. She has such a positive presence in the classroom, she is very kind to her peers, and respectful to adults. Kyra is also a talented percussionist and a natural leader in the band!

Lusk Elementary School Student of the Month

Aiden Beslich

Aiden, the son of Meridith and Kevin Beslich, is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Allbright’s class. Aiden always comes to school every day with a smile on his face. He always has a kind word for his classmates and others. In December Aiden was an exemplary student, working hard on his studies and also spreading Christmas cheer to others. He continues to grow as a student academically. Keep up the good work, Aiden!


LEMS Staff Member of the 2nd Quarter

Karla VB

(From her middle school peers)

Karla is a gem and one of the oldest remaining veteran teachers on the middle school side (The old Dog). Karla goes above and beyond to keep current on what is trending in the field of science education. She recently renewed her National Board status, which is quite an accomplishment. Her energy and passion is unbridled and her personality is infectious. She is always willing to join a committee and be a team player. She is one of those teachers that students will remember forever, as she is so passionate about teaching and truly cares about every single one of her students. We admire her gift to touch these children and more importantly her work ethic to make sure she never leaves a student behind.

(From Mrs. Kasper)

In addition to what her peers shared (other than she is not old), Karla has been instrumental in helping me with my transition to LEMS. She doesn’t hesitate giving solid, caring advice, and isn’t afraid to let me know if I’m on the wrong track or doing a good job. What I’ve noticed is that is how she is with everyone—even parents. She isn’t afraid of a tough or sensitive conversations, and she is greatly respected for that. Karla VandeBossche is an incredible individual who helps make LEMS such a great place to learn and work!


Lusk Middle School Student of the Month

Will Stewart,

The son of Brandan and Erica Stewart, was nominated by his teachers. Will is a very kind hearted and respectful student. He always has a smile on his face. He works hard and completes his work in an exceptional manner. He is a talented artist and doesn't quit or give up until he gets it just right. His results are always his best work and it is because of his hard work. Will is a pleasure to have in class. He has done a very nice job of transitioning to the middle school. He does a great job of making sure he gets all work done before he is absent and takes the time outside of class to make up anything he has missed. He takes his school work seriously and puts a lot of effort into everything he is doing. He adds some great ideas to our class discussion, which usually broadens his classmates understanding of concepts. He is always ready to get started, aware of what needs to be done, and determined to complete it in a timely fashion.


Lusk Elementary School Student of the Month Hazel Gaukel,

Hazel is the daughter of Dean and Amanda Gaukel, and was nominated by her teacher, Mrs. Swisher. Hazel is a kind, caring young lady. She has really turned a corner in her academics. She has increased her reading fluency by huge leaps and her confidence has really grown. She is a leader in her reading and math groups and always willing to help peers if they don't understand something. We are very proud of the scholarly, kind, friendly person she is becoming.


Lusk Middle School Student of the Month Phoebe Allbright

Phoebe is a leader in the classroom and in the middle school. She sets a positive example for her peers by her work ethic, attitude, and friendliness. Her work is top notch and she takes great pride in her studies. She is always willing to help others in and outside the classroom. She is an active member of the student leadership team and student council.

We enjoy her way of thinking and the perspective she brings to the classroom. She did a project for Science Fair last year where she qualified for state. She represented Lusk well and placed second in her division at state. This year she was unable to participate in the Science Fair due to prior family commitments. She almost missed a trip to Florida so she could participate. That’s the kind of kid Phoebe is. We all enjoy having Phoebe in class and are proud of her.

Lusk Elementary School Student of the Month Urijah Fish

Urijah is a third grader at LEMS. He is a smart, kind, funny, and talented kid. He comes to school every day upbeat and ready to learn. Urijah works very hard at his school-work which has allowed him to work on advanced skills for his age. He also puts in lots of hours practicing in the wrestling room. It is paying off with victories on the mat at all the wrestling tournaments he attends and we are very proud of him! Urijah is also a very kind and patient friend to his classmates. We can always count on him to put a smile on our faces with his witty sense of humor. One of our favorite Urijah quotes occurred after a counselor talked to the kids about making choices on their own, and not doing things just because others do. Urijah’s comment was, “Isn’t that just common sense?” That “common sense” is what makes Urijah stand out as an excellent choice for the February student of the month!

Staff of the 3rd Quarter

I would like to recognize Hunter Kunerth and his team, Sue Lang, Kayte Lytle and Dawn Scott as LEMS staff of the month. This team has taken on every challenge that has come their way this year. They work with students of various special needs including extreme behaviors, autism, students with multiple disabilities and students with cognitive delays in addition to assisting students in the classroom who need math and reading support. They have built 2 programs this year due to high needs students moving into our district: a behavior program and a life skills program.

Mr. K and his team are always positive with their students (who are often difficult). They don’t ever complain and are always willing to step up and do whatever is needed around the school and in their classroom: lunch duties, recess coverage, changing soiled clothing, and so much more. They’re always willing to learn new skills and techniques to help their students be successful. We are so fortunate to have this group of people working with our most at risk students.



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