Gilkey Dec. student of the month

NCHS Student of the Month: Miranda Gilkey

How have the people and opportunities at NCHS helped you grow and achieve success? The people and community just know how to push you so you do the best you can.

What responsibilities and activities outside of school have added to your success as a person and student? Being involved in sports has helped tremendously, because while being in other activities you have to do your work and maintain good grades.

 In what ways have you contributed your talents to NCHS? I’ve participated in many activities such as volleyball, basketball, and track for all 4 years.

What are your future goals - personal, educational and professional? Personal- do good in college track at Chadron State Educational I am going to Chadron State for a physical therapy program. Professional-I hope to graduate and get a job as a physical therapist

How do you plan to contribute to your community in the future? I plan on helping people with injuries, since I want to be a physical therapist. 

What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of school? I love being/doing things outside when it is warm. Ex. Outside activities, riding my mule.

Who are your parents and siblings? Aunt-Stacy Jassman Brother-Ryan Gilkey.

Favorite Lusk school memory... so far? My favorite memory will always be getting the opportunity to play sports for Lusk.

If I could change anything in Lusk, what would it be? Put a rec center in because then we can do stuff when there’s a lot of snow.


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