Hahn remembers flood with “And No One Died”

Following the 2015 flood, Niobrara County local Phyllis Hahn wanted to do something to help, she just wasn’t quite sure what; until, that is, the idea to write down individuals’ stories popped into her head. “I really wanted to help but I’m too old to scoop mud and stuff. I just had this voice in my head telling me to write down all the peoples’ memories before they forgot” states Hahn, author of ‘And No One Died’, the culmination of all the stories she took since the flood. Hahn, who was encouraged to write the book by Dr. Phil Robinson, had started taking stories as soon after the flood as she could. Each story she took she would donate to be run in The Lusk Herald as part of her contribution to both the relief efforts and preserving the memories of a 500-year flood. “[I] felt it was important to keep track of everyone’s losses and stories” claims Hahn. 

Over the weekend at the Stagecoach Museum, Hahn held a book signing where ‘And No One Died’ was on the shelves for the first time. “[It] was a two year effort to get it published…I thought we’d have the book ready at the end of 2016” says Hahn, adding that the publishing part of the stories took longer than she would have liked. Hahn is scheduled to appear at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 2 at the Fairgrounds with her book but she also has readily available copies she carries in her purse and has at her home. Copies of ‘And No One Died’ are $15.00 but she does run special prices for multiple purchases.

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