Either direction from our home we have a hill. I have walked those hills in the morning. Often times I was tired before I started because it looked like such a daunting task. I would take off, head down, arms pumping, glancing up once in a while to see how close to the top I was. There were times the top felt unattainable.

 I have climbed the same hill after dark. Our dark may be different from yours. It is not interrupted by street lights or flashing business lights. It is rare that a vehicle light breaks the darkness.  As I start my journey I glance up and I can’t see the top because it is dark.  I am not afraid because my flashlight is more than bright enough to light each step. My muscles still growl, my lungs still gasp for air, but it seems as if the trip is completed much quicker as I am not afraid of the height of the hill.

We have had a year. A year of unexpected adventure and hardship. A year of joy and sorrow like no other. A year where what we knew and expected was thrown out the window. If we had stood at the bottom of the hill on January 1 and looked clear to the top of this year can you imagine how our heart would have skipped a few beats?  Our blood pressure would have been sky high and our knees would have been shaking, and our muscles cramping without even taking a step.  We would have found the hill a daunting task.

We are soon to be at the bottom of the hill called 2021. As we stand at the bottom and glance up it is impossible to see clear to the top, as it is shrouded in the grace of Jesus, we don’t need to see the whole climb.  He will help us take our first steps and not be afraid. He will light each step more than enough to show us the way. Our muscles may cramp, and at times we will be winded, but he will give us strength for the climb.  

It is always easier to climb with a friend, thank you for being mine. What do you say that we will climb together.

John 8:12 I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.