Infrastructure project enters phase one

LUSK – As the town of Lusk moves forward with a major infrastructure project, the first phase was reviewed at a public meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12. The first phase of this project runs from 8th Street to 3rd Street with the east boundary at Main Street and ending on the west side at Diamond Avenue.

Residents in this affected area were encouraged to attend meetings with an accompanying PowerPoint at either 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. Approximately fifty people attended the first meeting and a similar number at the second meeting.

According to the town, within Phase 1 of the infrastructure project, work is broken down into sub-phases, which is what was discussed in the PowerPoint during the meeting. This sub-phasing is necessary to accomplish objectives, including making sure that 5th Street is paved prior to school resuming in the fall and that the impact on the neighborhoods is minimized as much as possible. To that end, “phase one” of Phase 1 is shown in pink on the maps and includes 5th Street and Linn, “phase two” of Phase 1 is turquoise and includes Diamond, Linn and 3rd Street with additional sub-phases being outlined and color-coded.

In addition to the new sewer lines, additional conduit space, new gutters, curbs and streets, residents have the option to purchase the materials for a sewer backflow valve and piping, and the contractor will install them while they are replacing the sewer lines. More information about the cost of that will be forthcoming, and the town is willing to allow homeowners to make monthly payments as an alternative to paying the total cost upfront. 

This project is the largest project ever undertaken all at once by the town of Lusk. It began nearly two years ago when the town council began looking into financing options for much-needed upgrades to town systems that were decades past their useful life. Residents are encouraged to contact the town with questions.


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