Joachim and Linker buy townspeople's meals

LUSK – Dai Smith and her mother, Linda Broyles, operate Linda’s Cookhouse food trailer in the parking lot behind YesWay.

Broyles, Smith and the other staff serve Lusk residents a variety of Mexican food from their trailer, but the cost is usually on the consumer. 

On Aug. 10, two unexpected guests showed up to the trailer, laid down a credit card and told Linda and Dai lunch was on them.

The two were Smith’s former employers, Mike Linker and Tony Joachim.

“When they walked up, I had no idea that they were coming just to see me,” Smith said. “They were literally only here for three hours. They were going over to the gas station and were yelling, ‘free food over here.’”

Linker and Joachim have been lifelong friends, first meeting one another when they were small children. Since then, they have been business partners. They own the Odd Fellows Tavern in Wood Bridge, California, where they previously employed Smith as a cook.

“They are just really kind people, and they always take care of their employees,” Smith said. “It was very cool, we all shed a tear.”

Some years ago, Broyles decided she wanted to return to Lusk after spending some of her life in California. She returned and later Smith followed suit.

Though it was a tough decision to move back and leave a job she loved, the owners told her they would come visit her sometime. 

That time happened to be Tuesday, Aug. 10. 

The two came to Lusk and met up with Broyles and Smith. 

After meeting with Smith and Broyles, the two told Smith to get ready because they were going to put her to work. They provided a credit card and went over to the YesWay parking lot to tell people there was free food to be had at the food trailer next door. 

At the conclusion of the lunch hour, the two had paid for food for around 35 Lusk residents and guests. 

“It was very beautiful to be a part of,” Broyles said.



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