Junior Class play met with enthusiasm

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The class of 2020 presented the Lusk Community with their version of “Happy Birthday, Dear Grandpa” on Friday night, November 30th at 7pm. The play was met with enthusiasm and lots of laughs as the 9 students worked their way through the baffling mystery of who murdered Grandpa for the massive inheritance of $642 and a postcard collection. The three adult grandchildren were played with humor and timing by Lucy Ceaglske (Frankie Hartley), Allison Williams (Amber Hartley) and Wyatt Stauffer (Keith Hartley). The suspicious and, ultimately, dead Grandpa was played by Benjamin Eiden. Neighbors who lent a hand with the laughs were played by Tanner Carpenter (Mr. Skaminski) and Dmitri Richards (Mrs. Kelly, yes, MRS). Rounding out the cast were Detective “Nick” Macy played by Tyler Basile and Damien Molzahn and Clayton Bonsell in their Police Officer roles. Another Junior Class Play that was appreciated by the community. The play was directed by Lisa Weisbeck and Jacob Queen. Mr. Queen also lent his expertise as the light technician and James Stone assisted as a stagehand. Thank you all for your hard work. You have left the community looking forward to another Junior Class play next year!


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