Just Thinking, April 29, 2020

Hey, look at us Lusk! We’re doing it. Not so good in some quarters but for the most part we’re hanging in there, helping each other and making it through.
Everyone has found different ways to keep most of the businesses open and those that couldn’t are somehow maintaining. I truly feel for the beauticians and the waitresses, the truckers and the ministers. I know I’m not the only one whose hair looks like I’ve been in a cave for a month, or the only one that wants to go sit down and have a cup of coffee with friends and visit for an hour.
The ministers have discovered how to “minister” to their congregations in new ways. Even though it states in the Bible, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them,” there is nothing quite like the gathering at church and I know it is sorely missed.
I have overheard several truck drivers state they are surely getting tired of the microwave sandwiches and would give their load just for a bacon and egg breakfast. But at the same time they realize why and understand it. I feel so bad for these men and women who are making sure we get as much product as we ordered and are doing it not knowing if the next stop will have anything at all to drink or eat.
The list goes on and on. The dairy farmers, the pork producers, the ranchers etc. What a shock to the nation, right? What really did we miss out on in Lusk? The Easter egg hunt, numerous field trips for the elementary kids, track season, graduation, Easter sunrise services? Nothing that is a life or death occurrence.
I’m sure there are more things that I have missed, but I simply mean we are so lucky with all the people moving through our town from who knows where, it could have been so much worse.
And speaking of that, we should be thankful for the pipeline crews in town. They are bringing much needed revenue at this shaky time and they seem to be adjusting the same as the rest of us. They aren’t griping too much about what we had to do to keep everyone safe, including themselves, and the ones I’ve had contact with are still polite and pleasant.
The main thing they gripe about is our Wyoming weather since most of them are from the south. Understandable. I did hear a local salesperson being grumpy about the pipe-liners and I reminded them they are your job security. Without their contribution there might not be a job right now.
So, I’m hoping we can slowly and safely open, so we have a busy summer season and baseball games and class reunions and the Legend. But if we can’t we’ll just plan for next year. In the meantime, we’ll listen to Dr. Falkenburg and do what she says, say thanks to every nurse you see on the street, and wait just a little longer for that hug you need.
An air hug just isn’t the same.


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