Legend of Rawhide 2019 Board Members

JV Boldon. Boldon has been involved with the Legend of Rawhide in various roles for the last 30 years starting out in the Indian Village as a young boy. He continues to be a cast member. Boldon was appointed to the board in 2010.


Dean Nelson-Nelson has been involved with the Legend for as long as he can remember in some capacity. In 1993 he was appointed to the board and has served as President. Dean and his wife Terri Lou were even married during the pageant in 1993.


Ron Nelson-Nelson is Dean’s father and has been involved with the pageant for 34 years. He joined the board in 1993 and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the big event goes smoothly.


John Sampers-Joined the board in 2010 and has held various cast roles. He continues to be an active cast member while serving on the board.


Jerit DeGering-DeGering’s family has been involved with the Legend for many years. He began consistently being in the cast in 2011 and was appointed to the board in 2016.


Jerrad Blair-Blair has held various roles in the legend including cavalry and outrider. He joined the board in 2008. Blair has also been the official artist of the Legend designing the belt buckle and accompanying artwork four different times.


Dan Henry Hanson-Hason has been involved with performances since 1992. He took over the role of Indian Chief in 2004 and has been a board member since 2010.


Dusty Cushman-Cushman has been involved with the legend in various capacities. He currently plays wagon boss Jim Farley. Cushman joined the board in 2012.


Twila Barnette-Barnett has been a member of the Legend board since 1996. She is an active participant during legend performances and also runs the Legend office out of her business, Bloomers. She and Teresa Tucker serve as the primary marketing coordinators on the board.


Jim Pontarolo-Pontarolo assists with set up and clean up. He is part of the Volunteer Fire Department that provides pyrotechnics for the performance and has served on the board since 2008.


Ben Hanson-Hanson was in his first show in 1992. Most years Hanson has participated in the performances as an Indian Brave. He joined the board in 2013.


John Thayer-Thayer’s involvement with the Legend of Rawhide has be a life-long one. His family has been involved with the pageant for generations. Thayer was appointed to the board in 2017. When asked why he serves on the board he states that a high school teacher once told him he had a responsibility to be a contributing member to society. He sees serving on the Legend board as a way to give back to the community he lives in.


Danny Matney-Matney joined the board four years ago in 2015. He has been part of the performances since 2004.


Andy Barnette-Barnette has been involved with the Legend of Rawhide since it was revitalized in 1986. He was part of the committee that helped to return the pageant to its former glory.


Teresa Tucker-While never participating in a performance, Tucker has been instrumental to all the behind-the-scenes activities that are necessary to make the pageant happen. She joined the board in 1995 and helps Twila Barnette with all PR, marketing and also oversees the finances and ticket sales.


Shaylee (Dockery) Love-Love also comes from a family that has generations of involvement with the Legend. From participating as a child to serving on the Board for 12 years from 2000-2012 Love has always been active with the pageant. In 2012 Love moved from active board member to the Chaos Coordinator, one of the people that helps make the magic happen.


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