Legend trees make their way to town

The trucks and trailers appeared in a line in the small meadow clearing at the old Ord ranch where trees had been selected and cut down for another year of pageant. The Legend of Rawhide is fast approaching and as many may have noticed, the Pageant scene is all set up! Following the tear down of the fairgrounds arena last Friday, the waterfall and teepees were the first parts of the scene to go up. On Saturday was tree hauling. Roughly twelve trucks and trailers, including one semi, showed up at the clearing to assist in getting the trees to town and roughly five made two trips. JV Boldon and Harold Stroh made it an early morning, cutting down trees before anyone else arrived for pick-up.  With Fred Thomas on hand with a loader to assist in moving and loading the trees, those on the ground made quick work of tying them down and shipping them out. On the ground tying trees down to trailers included Dan Henry Hanson, JV Boldon, Danny Matney, Dale Jordan, John Sampers, Dan Hanson, Dusty Cushman, Joe and Teri McDaniel, Andy Barnette, and Clay Boldon. In total, the first tree to hit the trailer took five minutes work from the team to tie down and send out. On one of the biggest trees, the team took fifteen minutes to tie down and ship out. 

Mid-morning Saturday saw multiple entities and Niobrara County volunteers as the Niobrara Electric Association, Windy Hills, Boldon Welding and Repair, Town of Lusk, and Boldon Enterprises, were just some of the companies that turned out to assist in the lifting and setting of trees and all of those running the equipment were volunteers of their time. In addition, there were other volunteers without equipment that showed up simply to help. It all just proved that the Legend truly is a community event. 

Legend this year will take place July 12 through July 14. As usual, rehearsal will take place on July 12 while the actual pre-show, show, and dance will take place Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be more festive with a walking poker run, downtown car show, corn-hole tournament, Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, parade, and auction during the dance. There will also be the 2nd annual gun raffle with the winner announced Saturday. Tickets for the raffle are on sale now at Allbrights, Bloomers, or a board member. The guns can be seen at Allbrights and raffle tickets will be sold until Saturday night where the winner will be announced during the first break at the dance. 

Those planning to attend the Legend Performance or Dance:

Show and Dance Ticket (13 and older): $20.00

Show Only Ticket: $15.00

Dance Only Ticket: $10.00

12 and Under: FREE


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