Local Artist Showcase welcomed Tara Cole

LUSK – Lusk welcomed artist, Tara Cole, on Wednesday, Nov. 6 to the Niobrara County Library.

Growing up, Cole was raised in the South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento areas in California and moved to the Lusk area nine years ago with her passion for photography. Cole’s husband, Patrick, grew up in the area and they currently have two nine-year-old girls who were park friends before they became family.

Cole said she takes photographs to preserve the history of a place or a special moment. She hopes they can bring as much joy to the viewer as they bring her. 

“I don’t do a whole lot of people pictures,” Cole said. “Most of my stuff is landscapes and places. Everything keeps disappearing, I guess. So, keep the memories and the pretty moments.

“I started with it just to have pictures for my own walls,” she said. 

The Niobrara County Library was the first public showing of her work.  

Cole said, “If I can start selling some of it just to share what I see with people, and to have other people enjoy, and be able to look at things, just to share the beauty I can find and capture.” 

Cole said her girls are also starting to develop a love for photography. The Cole family plans to stay in the area for the foreseeable future. 

The community is welcome to come in to explore Cole’s work and get to know the artist and can see Cole’s work throughout November.


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