Lusk Middle School Receives $5,000 Teachers and Technology Grant from CenturyLink

Lusk, WY – Lusk Middle School (LMS) was recently notified that it is a winner in the CenturyLink 2018-19 Teachers and Technology Grant Program, which recognizes innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects in the classroom.

The $5,000 grant received by the school is part of $750,000 awarded by the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation across 34 states this year, funding 180 classroom projects. LMS’s winning grant application was selected from approximately 1,300 total submissions.

The LMS staff states, “We are excited to have more devices to use in our classrooms for student use to improve learning.”

The STEM project for which the LMS staff received the CenturyLink grant is focused on having more mobile devices for students to use for assessments and learning.

The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation has awarded more than $11 million through the Teachers and Technology grant program since 2008.

“STEM learning helps students think more creatively, view the world through a different lens, and question what is known in the search for new possibilities,” said Sondra Smith, CenturyLink director of corporate social responsibility. “This is where real innovation and solutions to complex problems live.”

Grants funded through the CenturyLink program will provide a range of equipment to classrooms this year, including robotics, drones, virtual reality mechanisms, laptops, microscopes and more. A complete list of the 2018-19 grant winners can be viewed online.


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