Lusk Tigers place third at home

1st 92.00 Moorcroft, 2nd 50.00 Southeast, 3rd 26.50 Lusk, 4th 24.00 Newell SD, 5th 14.50 Hulett, 6th 14.00 Sundance, 7th 12.00 Glenrock, 8th 11.50 Lingle, 9th 9.00 North Park CO, 10th 4.00 Harrison NE, and Hanna Elk Mountain. 

Cole Mellott 4-2 with 1st place, William Fish 4-1 with 2nd place, Alaryn Craggs 2-3 with 4th place, Pacen Gifford 0-2, Damien Molzahn 3-2 with 3rd place, Jasper Caldera 3-2 with 3rd place, James Cushman 1-3 with 4th place. The Tigers will be traveling to Wright Saturday, December 16th.  We hope to see you there! 

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