March Student of the Month: Jayden Matthews

Jayden Matthews stands with his Student of the Month display at Niobrara County High School PC: Mary Larson

Q1: How have the people and opportunities at NCHS helped you grow and achieve success?

They’ve always supported me through everything I’ve done through out the years.

Q2: What responsibilities and activities outside of school have added to your success as a person and student?

Working my hardest to my ability, then everything will follow behind and show success for my hard work.  

Q3: In what ways have you contributed your talents to NCHS?

I’ve showed throughout the years that I love music and I am good at it and so I performed in concerts. In basketball I had helped my team by being a good sport and made clutch shots and boost our motivation.

Q4: What are your future goals - personal, educational and professional?

Wait a year and work with my uncle to save up money to take with me then go to either Chadron or UW.

Q5: How do you plan to contribute to your community in the future?

I want to make myself noticed in the music business and thank my community for helping me accomplish that goal.

Q6: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20?

Having my music degree, helping people in every way, and to be a hard worker.

Q7: What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of school?

I love to play games, work, and play basketball.

Q8: Who are your parents and siblings?

My sissy in Courtney Rowley, Mother is Shauna Rowley, Bubba is Maverik Matthews and grandparents are Ron and Laura Matthews.

Q9: Favorite Lusk school memory... so far?

Seeing all my friends, and playing basketball in front of crowds.

Q10: If I could change anything in Lusk, what would it be?

The music program, I would help make it better to the point where people would love to join and participate.



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