NCD and PSI to host workshop

LUSK- Whether you’ve spent a lifetime building your farm or ranch or you’re just starting out, it’s likely important to you that your farm or ranch stays in your family. Estate planning for farmers and ranchers is definitely not an easy or one-size-fits-all process, but you can take steps now to ensure a smooth transition of your farm or ranch when it’s time to pass it to the next generation. Learn why succession planning is so important and how family farm/ranch estate planning can help your family save money and keep the large farm or ranch in your family.

On March 8th, Bob Wyatt, Attorney, and John Heyneman, Plank Stewardship Lead, will present an informal workshop on Succession Planning for your Family Ranch. Mr. Wyatt has specialized in estate planning for farms and ranches for the past 40 years. Ranch owners can reflect on the long term stability of the operation and combined with the financial enterprises information, make decisions on how their succession plan needs to be set up. 

You’ve worked hard to build or continue your family’s farm or ranch; keeping your legacy alive with the next generation is probably a top priority. A succession plan can ease the complexities — legal, financial, emotional, family dynamics — of transferring your farm or ranch. Please join the Plank Stewardship Team and the Niobrara Conservation District in learning the how the ecologic and social integrity of the family ranch can be managed to protect your families legacy. The workshop is free to the public and will be held at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds from 1 until 4. Please RSVP by March 6th to 334-9957 or via email to [email protected]  

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