New owners, new name, 14 County Tire

New owner Sara Sampers inside the office at 14 County Tire.

LUSK - The tire shop at 990 South Main has new owners. John and Sara Sampers have bought and reopened with every indication of success in their future. The new name of the business is 14 County Tire and they do every size tire from tricycle to semi and tractor tires. None too small or too big so far. 

John is limiting the business to tires and an occasional oil change but no mechanics. They are so busy with tires, the mechanics might never happen but just to have a tire shop in town is amazing. They saw a need and filled it and at this time it will be an 8-5 business. John and Sara live out of town so to be available at midnight or four in the morning isn't feasible, but they will always be there for you during the day. 

My thoughts as I walked in was to tell Sara to put on the coffee because the men in town have a new gathering spot and a place to visit with those ranchers you only see once a winter. 

Congratulations to John and Sara for their ownership and for bringing the family and business back home. 

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