New year, new council, new business

LUSK – The Lusk town council called their first meeting of calendar year 2022 to order promptly at 5 p.m and for the first time in several months a full council was seated with new council member, Chantry Filener, serving his first full council meeting after being sworn in at the December meeting.

During the department updates, Chief Krein provided a year end summary which included a total of 2,725 incidents in 2021 which was down slightly from 2020. Canine Loki was used 28 times in 2021 and included in seizures of marijuana, marijuana edibles, and methamphetamine. He was utilized by the Lusk police department, Sioux county sheriff, Niobrara county sheriff and Wyoming highway patrol. While accidents are down year to date over 2020, the department is ready to response the case of inclement weather particularly with the addition of the snow tracks on the department side-by-side.

Both town clerk Linda Frye and public works director Todd Skrukrud primarily gave updates on the infrastructure project. Frye has been meeting with the various representatives from the funding partners and advisory groups to ensure that all the paperwork is in place and the funding models are working to ensure smooth transitions through the phases as well as keeping the financing in the right track to guarantee that the project loans will all be picked up by the USDA when the 10 million mark is hit. This involves including the USDA as a co-partner and keeping the bid process “free and open”, not restricted to only Wyoming contractors.

Skrukrud also gave an update on his departments part of the project which includes meeting with major community groups like the school district to keep everyone on the same page for the schedule for phase two of the project. The 95% plans for phase two will go to bid at the end of February or beginning of March.

In addition to the infrastructure project three wells for the town and one at the golf course all need major repairs or maintenance. The town is working with DC Drilling of Lusk to get on their schedule and reduce the timeline for those improvements.

There was no old business.

Under new business, Shawn Leimser was approved as the new Lusk Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief. Leimser accepted the appointment.

The airport and business park haying contract was renewed to Louis Hammer for same terms as was the golf course pro sho management to Dennis Green.

The council is once again considering a change to ordinance 8-15-150 Food service for minors in bars. This highly controversial ordinance has been considered, debated and rejected by the council several times over the past few years. At this point they are once again considering it from an economic standpoint given the declining nature of dining opportunities in Lusk. The ordinance passed on first reading and council will conduct a workshop specifically for this ordinance on January 14. Those with opinions or input are welcome to attend the public workshop. 

No further business was discussed and meeting adjourned.


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