News and Views, April 22, 2020

Spring may be here at last. A couple claps of thunder on Sunday afternoon preceded a short-lived April shower. Much more welcome than another snow flurry. Warmer temps are enjoyed by those wanting to get outside for fresh air and walks for exercise, since activities with large groups are forbidden.
Tom Bleming returned from his plane flight to Washington, D.C. on Saturday afternoon, April 18. He had flown out of Denver International Airport on April 14 to consider a possible job application. While there, he met friends and spent a few days with them. He found the capitol relatively quiet with a nightly curfew of 10 p.m. Paper money was not being accepted with a preference for credit cards. He was glad to get back to his home in Wyoming as he found the plane trip very tiring.
My bucket list isn’t much shorter. I now have 15 pages of my mother’s autobiography to edit with 10,000 words on them. (And much more to go!) It is enjoyable, almost like a visit with her, reminiscing about the past. Sorting through drawers to go through the contents for my project will be appreciated someday, by family who will be surprised at how little they have to pack to the transfer station.
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