Summer is around the corner (I hope) and that brings many activities to the area including Niobrara Strong Day, Legend of Rawhide, The Moving Wall, and country fair; just to name a few. Please take part in these events so we can continue to provide them for our visitors as well as our community members.

In case you need a small reminder, our office in now located in the Ranger Building at 302 S Main Street and we now have signage. One advantage we have in our new location is that there is now 24/7 access to brochures, maps, etc. outside our office in the doorway. Our phone number remains the same: 307-334-2950 as does our email [email protected] Our website has changed and you can now find events, job openings and much more at

The State Chamber of Commerce Organization recently held their state meeting in Jackson and our director was able to attend and the following is a brief summary of the topics: (1) “Emphasize on Customer Relations and Satisfaction Rather than a Dominant Focus on Sales Transactions. ”We need to focus on the “high touch”, which going above and beyond, is listening to our customers. Most customers want to remain loyal; they need a reason to stay loyal, other than they are local. While you may have the only business in town, with today’s internet market, that doesn’t necessarily mean people will shop local. Listen to their needs and concerns, greet them when they enter your business, never take them for granted and don’t be upset if they don’t purchase an item today. If you give them what they are looking for, they will return; (2) Glenn Shepard spoke on Chambers of Commerce and how we can grow and sell ourselves. According to Google trends, searches for Chambers of Commerce have decreased by 94% since their beginning, but that doesn’t mean they are obsolete. When sending out information, include a handwritten note whenever possible. Also pay attention to the important things; a successful person pays attention to important things versus the urgent. Principle #1: A 501c6 is a tax designation, run your Chamber like it’s a for profit business. Principle #2: People will always want to find the money for things they want to find the money for, it’s your job to make them want to find the money. The abundance mentality is: Successful people know there is always money out there; jobs are there; more businesses and more ways to make money. Principle #3: Make as much money as you can, as often as you can, in as many ways as you can. 97% of businesses make less than a million dollars a year in revenue, and that is just one reason why small businesses are so vital to our economy. Principle#4: You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. An example Glenn gave us was a car company that donates a car at the Chamber banquet every year. A great sizzle, but the key is that it is only a one-year lease vehicle, in hopes that the customer will then buy the steak. Principle #5: Attack your negatives head on. Find out why they aren’t happy with your business; apologize if needed and work together to find a solution. Principle #6: We ALL know the majority of marketing is boring so let’s jazz it up and sell the sizzle. Use social media and testimonials that are lively and give small trinkets away to every customer for a week to get them in the door. Recognize your loyal customers with an early or an hour earlier sale just for preferred customers before you open the doors to everyone. Principle #7: People don’t buy features; they buy benefits such as membership to the Chamber allows you to use our bulk mailing permits; allows the Chamber to refer our members to visitors and much more. Your business may offer a charge account, or a wish list as a benefit. Market those benefits!!

Principle #8: “People don’t believe what you say about you as much as they believe what other people say about you”. Word-of- mouth marketing is still the number one way to get customers and have customers return. Social proof is the most powerful thing in marketing, show people that you follow through.




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