Niobrara County 4-H Shooters represent Niobrara County at State

DOUGLAS – Eleven shooting sports members attended the 2019 State 4-H Shooting sports match in Douglas. Held July 11-13 at the Wyoming State Fair Grounds the state-wide match consists of individuals and teams from almost every county in the state competing in 12 different contests for both individual and team status. Senior 4-H members also compete for the Raton, NM trip to the NRA Whittington Center.

This year the Senior teams from Niobrara County consisted of Cody Taylor, Collin Taylor and Aiden Applegarth. Junior and Intermediate competitors shooting for individual status were Miranda Smith, Wyatt Jensen, Wyatt Strauch, Aubrey Manning, Connor Taylor, Colt Peterson and Raynce Brott and Dryce Brott.

Smith participated in the Junior Class A Archery earning herself a 14th place and in the Junior Air Rifle Sporter class placing at number 7 in her class. Jensen placed 17th in Outdoor Skills, 19th in Junior Shotgun and 24th in Junior Air Rifle Light Target Division. Strauch distinguished himself with a 1st place in Junior Air Rifle Precision class and also participated in the Outdoor Skills contest earning a 37th placing.

Connor Taylor placed 24th in the Outdoor Skills contest and 21st in Junior .22 Sporter class. Colt Peterson placed 24th in Junior Shotgun, 71 in Junior Class D Target Archery, 66 in Class D 3D Archery, 12th in Junior Air Rifle Light Target and 17th in Junior .22 Sporter class. Dryce Brott placed 30th in Junior Class B Target and 10th in Junior Class B 3D for archery.

Raynce Brott placed 56th in Intermediate Shotgun, 19th in Intermediate Class B Target Archery and 10th in Intermediate Class B 3D Archery. Aubrey Manning was 46yth in Junior Class D Target Archery and 21st in Class D 3D Archery.

Cody Taylor was 16th in Senior Muzzle Loading, 24th in Outdoor Skills, 6th Senior Individual Shotgun, and 13th in .22 Rifle Sporter class. Collin Taylor placed 18th in Senior Muzzle Loading, 33 in the Outdoor skills contest, 74th in Shotgun, 23rd in .22 Rifle Sporter class, 7th in Senior Archery Class A Target and 5th in Class A 3D Archery. Aiden Applegarth placed 30th in Muzzle Loading, 25th in Outdoor skills and 80th in Senior Individual shotgun. The combined scores of the senior muzzle loaders was enough to earn them a 4th place team standing.



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