Niobrara County 4-H stays busy with activities

LUSK - The third Niobrara County 4-H Activity Day of the summer was held on July 3 at the Fairgrounds, with nine youth and six adults in attendance. In the morning, the kids started off with an activity, the solar wood burning. While the sun was still shining, they got to experiment with burning a design into a wooden spoon.

The next project was getting the food ready for lunch. The menu for the day included Fruit Salad, Pineapple Chicken Casserole, Hawaiian Beans, and Pineapple Coconut Coffee Cake.

The activities for the afternoon consisted of patriotic necklaces and making thank you cards with stamped flower art. The kids got to go outside and pick their own flowers to use and they experimented by rolling the flowers with a rolling pin.

4-H members in attendance included: Francheska Bannan, Kinsey Keller, Tavie Miller, Phoebe and Tia Allbright, Taylor Gaukel, and Katie, Karen and Krista Schardt. The day was a great success thanks to the leaders who volunteered their time – Cheryll Christianson, Brenda Greer and Donna Hanson. Niobrara County Extension Educator Denise Smith, UW 4-H Summer Intern Mattie Pfister, and Niobrara County Extension Summer Intern Kylie Strauch.

4-H Textile Tech Day was held on Wednesday, June 19. There were eight youth and two adults in attendance. This class was taught by Lacy Hanson and was held at the Fairgrounds.

Throughout the day the youth got to experiment with dyeing fabric in two different ways. One way was to transfer the color from tissue paper onto the fabric with water and the other way was to draw designs on the fabric with sharpies and then use an eyedropper to put rubbing alcohol on the fabric to tie-dye the fabric.

Once the youth got their fabric done they then used it to make a dream catcher that will be entered in the county fair.

The 4-H members that attended that day included: Sidney Southwick, Tia and Phoebe Allbright, and Melody, Gracie and Emily ZumBrunnen. The day was a great success thanks to Lacy Hanson, 4-H leader Vivian Fahy, UW Summer Intern Mattie Pfister, and Niobrara County Extension Summer Intern Sierra Lemons.