Niobrara County offered grant workshop opportunity.

LUSK - Thursday, March 28 community members and grant educators and coordinators met for a three-hour workshop on multiple grants and programs available in Wyoming and to organizations in Niobrara County. The session was held from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and was attended by ten members of the community from various non-profit and private organizations. The purpose of the meeting was to provide information relevant to the rehab/repurposing/removal of old, abandoned buildings. There are so many considerations that a community must keep in mind when it comes to working with old properties. The people who presented at this meeting touched upon the most common concerns, such as contamination, historic preservation, funding, ownership, timelines and the general unknown. Each speaker brought a wealth of knowledge to the discussion and is willing to assist the community as it evaluates and implements projects.

The grant workshop was organized and coordinated by Kim Rightmer, East Central Regional Director for the Wyoming Business Council and Hannah Swanbom, University Extension Educator for Converse and Niobrara Counties. Kim and Hannah have been working with multiple government entities and non-profit groups in Niobrara County on a variety of projects including building remove and repurposing and the local daycare project.

Information on past projects and requirements as well as documentation were provided for the 1/4 Cent Economic Development Tax and the Brownsfields Assistance program. Linda Kiisk, Preservation Architect with the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office reviewed historic preservation considerations for projects. Two specific projects that used these programs, the Evanston Historic Roundhouse Project an the Douglas Brownfields Grant Project were reviewed as examples.

More information can be obtained by contact Kim Rightmer via email at [email protected] or Hannah Swanbom via email at [email protected].


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