Niobrara County wrestlers hit the mat on the road



William Fish 3-0

Cole Mellott 3-2

Pacen Gifford 1-2

Alaryn Craggs- gone

Damien Molzahn 4-1

Jasper Caldera 2-1

James Cushman 0-3

Torrington Dual Tournaments

Laramie, Wheatland, Newcastle, Burns.

William Fish 4-0

Cole Mellott 4-0

Pacen Gifford 2-2

Alaryn Craggs- gone

Damien Molzahn 2-2

Jasper Caldera 4-0

James Cushman 1-3

The Tigers will be traveling to Douglas Tuesday January 15th and will be in Moorcroft Friday January 19th- Saturday January 20th 


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