Niobrara roping club finally begins rain-delayed season

LUSK - The Niobrara Roping club kicked off their 2019 season June 9. A wet spring had delayed the arena clean-up and events scheduling but the first roping attracted a good number of people. This year’s calendar includes both Sunday and Friday evening events. Arena improvements done with funds from the Niobrara Recreation District, including new lights were made in 2018 to help the Roping club hold more ropings with schedule flexibility.

At the June 9 event in the Open #13, there were 45 teams competing for 4 paid places. The following teams successfully completed all four rounds:

1st-Preston Schwartzkopf/Crockett Herring: 15.89, $756/team

2nd-Bodie Herring/Brodie Serres: 18.23, $567/team

3rd-Cody Lane/Hardy White: 26.71, $378/team

4th-Jared Lemmon/Brodie Serres: 26.72, $189/team


In the Club #13, there were 49 teams competing for 4 paid places:

1st-Crockett Herring/Hardy White: 38.39, $686/team

2nd-Preston Bowers/Hardy White: 39.23, $257/team

3rd-JV Boldon/Jared Lemmon: 16.62 on 3, $343/team

4th-JV Boldon/Bryan Lemmon: 26.02 on 3, $172/team


In the Amateur, there were 12 teams competing for 3 paid places:

1st-Brenna Herring

2nd-Broc Schwartzkopf

3rd-Jacey Thompson



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