Niobrara Roping Club Finals

Courtesy/Kaylee Barner Competitors JV Boldon, Zane Marty, Jamie McElhaney and Ty Thompson with their prizes at the Sept. 12 club finals.

LUSK – Niobrara Roping Club held two events Sept. 12, 2021, for their club finals. In the first event, a 13 Draw there were 44 paid teams competing for four paid places:


1st-Toby Gruwell/Mike Christinck-38.41, $295/man

2nd-JV Boldon/Mike Christinck-42.00, $220/man

3rd-Zane Marty/Cody Lane-43.59, $145/man

4th-Ty Thompson/Mike Christinck-50.42, $75/man


In the second event, also a 13 Draw, there were 39 teams competing for four paid places:

1st-Ty Thompson/Cody Lane-31.88, $260/man

2nd-Jamie McElhaney/Levi Duff-34.88, $195/man

3rd-Brook Brockman/Tom Hadley-36.02, $130/man

4th-Craig Deveraux/Mike Christinck-51.10, $65/man


High Year-End Winners of HDCP’s of 5.5 and higher:

Ty Thompson-Heading

Jake Deveraux-Heeling


High Year-End Winners of HDCP’s of 5 and lower:


1st-JV Boldon

2nd-Zane Marty

3rd-Justin Smith

4th-Jamie McElhaney



1st-Kevin Lane

2nd-Zane Marty




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