Personal conflict leads to stabbing

LUSK – On April 27 Lusk Police department responded to an ambulance call in the neighborhood of West 3rd Street. A man had been stabbed and officers immediately determined there was a criminal nature to the injury.
Officers spoke with witnesses and determined the identity of a person of interest and began to take steps to locate the individual. At this time the department received another phone call regarding a concerning situation at Yesway gas station. Officers quickly identified that the person of interest they had been looking for was involved in this situation as well. They quickly moved into place at Yes way.
Upon contacting the person of interest he became noncompliant with law enforcement commands. The individual chose to attempt to flee law enforcement apprehension and K9 Loki was used for personnel suppression. The person of interest was taken into custody and transported to Niobrara County Hospital for medical attention for non-lethal injuries.
According to Chief Bo Krein, “The use of K9 Loki allowed the officers to avoid more forceful measures of personnel suppression which could have resulted in greater injury or death. Loki did exactly as he was trained to do and we are extremely proud of all the officers in the situation and that this was resolved with the best possible outcomes for all involved. Never at any time was a firearm discharged.”
When asked about the incident Krein also noted that there was a short time between when the first ambulance call was received and when the situation was resolved due in large part to the quick work and good decision making of his officers and with the cooperation of other law enforcement agencies.
With the help of the Niobrara County Sheriff’s department, Wyoming Highway Patrol and then, during the immediate investigatory period following the incident, the Natrona County Sheriff’s Department, the Lusk Police Department were able to contain all three crime scenes and take care of the most time-sensitive portions of the investigation in an appropriate way.
Krein also emphasized that this was a private matter and that there was no threat to the community and that officers had responded quickly and to those standards which they had been trained in order to ensure that there was no danger to the community at the time of the incident.
Both individuals involved in the incident were transported out of Niobrara county for further medical care.


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