Pinochle Club wraps up year

The Lady’s and Couple’s Pinochle scores for the 2018-2019 year are as follows:

In the ladies’ division Vivian Akers and Kay Smith were number one with 5,616 points. Patricia Smith and Rose Kremers followed them at 5,552 and Trisha Eaton and Gail Graham were a close third with 5,550. Following the top three teams were the remaining ten:

4-Robyn Jefcoat & Yvonne Jensen-5518

5-Valerie Wasserburger & Candy Dooper-5495

6-Anna May Oliver & Pat Garner-5424

7-Joyce Hammer & Amy Williams-5128

8-Randi ross & Jackie Bredthauer-4459

9-Phyllis Hahn & Pam Parmely-4311

10-Algera Jensen & Gloria Nelson-4094


In the couples division Bob and Tammy Bonsell took first place with 4, 945 points. Jim and Rose Kremers came in right behind with 4,866 and Phyllis Hahn and Pam Parmely were third place for the year with 4,661. The remaining teams were:

4-Clyde Peterson & Shirley Lambert-4572

5-Marvin & Joyce Hammer-4540

6-Vivian Akers & Mike Saylor-4506

7-Algera Jensen & Dennis Johnson-4405

8-Robyn Jefcoat & Gail Graham-4275

9-Larry Monsen & Helen Fulk-4223

10-Louis Hammer & Yvonne Jensen-3965


The club had a great time this year. If you are interested in playing next year please contact Yvonne Jensen at 307-340-0954. The club meets once a month during winter months.